My Boys

My Boys

Here is a post dedicated to my little boys, Ollie and Rocky. 

Ever since I was a little girl I absolutely loved rabbits. Almost every picture of me as a child you’ll see me holding a yellow bunny stuffed animal. Once I got my first job out of college I decided I was ready to adopt one of my own.

On January 4, 2015 I visited a humane society to see an adorable little mini lop I saw on Petfinder but to my surprise, there were two bunnies cuddled next to each other waiting to be adopted. They stole my heart immediately.

They were only 6 months old and wouldn’t leave each other’s side. They both had unique personalities, Rocky (bunny on the left) was goofy and energetic when Ollie (bunny on the right) was mellow but would do anything for a treat.


Sadly Rocky was only in my life for four short months. Rocky had a bad heart and passed away at the end of May. No words can express how I felt when Rocky left us. It’s been over a year and my eyes still tear up while remembering that day. Rocky was buried in the backyard of my parents house where I grew up.

The next month was very hard for Ollie. It’s very hard for bunnies to move on once they are bonded. Steven and I did everything we could to give Ollie as much attention as possible and when we moved to our new apartment it was like Ollie took a 180. We never saw him so active and goofy, his personality came to life.

So meet Ollie, our spoiled but adorable mini lop who isn’t so mini anymore. Ollie is a house rabbit which means he thinks he’s the king of the house. He’s litter trained, has two meals a day of fresh veggies and will do anything for a bite of banana.


I’m so happy I waited to adopt a bunny until I knew I was ready for the responsibility. Rabbits are really great pets but need love and attention just like any other pet.


If you’ve been thinking about adopting a bunny or have any questions about house rabbits please feel free to ask!

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