My Best Friend Said “I Do”!

Photographing A Proposal

The day has come…My best friend of 15 years got engaged! I was honored to photograph the moment so they can always remember Saturday, January 14th at their favorite bench overlooking  Lake Michigan.

proposal photos

As much as my friend was surprised, her boyfriend kept me in the loop about 4 months earlier. I went with him to pick out the ring and that’s when he asked if I’d mind capturing the moment he proposes.

proposal photos

As excited and honored as I was, I was also incredibly nervous! In college I photographed a couple’s engagement photos and did headshots for theater students so I was experienced but this was obviously different. So for anyone preparing the photograph a proposal, I have a few tips that helped me capture the shot.

  1. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time– I got there an hour early to give myself plenty of time. My goal was to make sure her boyfriend had nothing to worry about from my end.
  2. Bring backup batteries– Even if you’re 100% your battery is fully charged, but bring a spare. Trust me, you’ll feel better knowing you have it.
  3. Take time to know your surroundings– Hopefully you know where he (or she) plans to propose so look for good hiding spots where you can easily jump out while still snapping away.
  4. Be flexible if the plan changes- For me, they went to a different bench than I had planned and actually walked right past the tree I was hiding behind! I turned my camera to manual (since I had it set up to focus on a different bench) while slowly moving around the tree while they walked by!
  5. Don’t stop snapping photos once the proposal is over- Even though the lighting wasn’t completely in my favor, I got photos of my friend’s reaction when she saw me come out from behind the tree and it’s priceless!

proposal photos

I’m thrilled for my best friend and, her now, Fiancé! I haven’t been in a wedding since I was very young so the next year will definitely be an adventure! If you have any advice on helping your best friend with a wedding feel free to comment. I plan on blogging about this adventure and next exciting step in my best friend’s life!

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