Meet Oscar

I have great news! We added a new bunny into our family. dsc_2097

Here’s the story about Oscar

So a few months ago I started volunteering for the Wisconsin House Rabbit Society. I write bios for the bunnies that were given a second chance and need a good home. While learning about all these adorable bunnies just wanting to be loved, I decided it was time we welcomed a new one into our home.

Steven and I have talked about finding Ollie a new friend for a while but finally decided to start searching. Well one look at this little guy, I knew he was going to be the newest member of our family.

Oscar is an older bun compared to Ollie. He’s five and lived at a summer camp where children passed him around his whole life. The camp got closed down and he needed to find a permanent home.


Originally his name was Buck but that really didn’t fit him. For some reason Oscar was the first name I thought of and it completely fits his personality. We also call him Old Man Oscar because he is very quiet, patient and he reminds us of an old wise man.

When we got him he was very dirty and on the edge. He’s now become very comfortable at his new home and his personality is really starting to shine. We are so happy to have him in our lives. If you’ve been thinking about adopting a bunny or have any questions about raising a house rabbit don’t be shy to comment on this post. I’d be happy to help.


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