Cheers To A Great Year

Cheers To A Great Year

Happy New Year!

One of my goals for 2017 is to document more of my life on this blog. I still plan to post food/drink recipes but I’m realizing your mid-twenties is a scary but very exciting time and I hope to share more about it on here. But before that, I’d like to take this time to look back at The Best of 2016.


I love road trips!! In May my friend and I took a road trip (15 hours to be exact) to New Orleans. We stayed at a beautiful Airbnb one mile from the Quarter. We tasted delicious food (tried crawfish and gumbo for the first time), listened to live music, danced until 5am and met some great people thanks to Uber. The buildings were colorful, food was spicy and there was live music everywhere!

New Orleans

I also took a road trip with Steven this year to Colorado! Lets just say, I think we found our future state to call home. Denver was great with all the breweries and cute coffee shops but I truly fell in love with the mountains. We spent hours hiking and enjoying the scenery. My favorite part of the trip was going to the Rocky Mountain National Park. I was in awe by the time we got up to Bear Lake. The whole trip was perfect and exactly what Steven and I needed.


Saw Shows

I’ve been so busy since graduating college that I forgot how much joy live shows bring me! This year I got to cross something off my bucket list which was seeing Mumford and Sons! My two best gal friends and I have been waiting for that night since high school and trust me, they did not disappoint. Steven and I also got to see The Lumineers in Milwaukee! This band is very special to me and I couldn’t believe how close we got! And lastly, Steven and I saw our favorite cover band from Chicago, Rod Tuffcurls and the Benchpress and danced the night away. If you ever get the chance to see this band, do it, I promise you they’ll put a smile on your face.

Adopted Oscar

In 2016 we adopted this little bundle of cuteness, Oscar! We decided it was time for Ollie to get a new brother or sister and the moment I saw that cute little face, I knew he was the one. Oscar is a 5-year-old Lionhead who lived at a camp that got closed down. He was very shy and scared when we brought him home but after a few months, his personality shined through. Ollie and Oscar became best friends who both love veggies and cuddling. I love our little family.



At the end of August I went camping for three days and two nights. It rained, like a lot. My back ached from sleeping on the ground, we all had to huddle into one tent since the other had a hole in it, we were all incredibly dirty by the third day and you know what? I loved every second of it!! We played volleyball, hiked, toured a brewery, grilled, played card games and told stories. I learned this year that I love camping and can’t wait to do a ton more next summer.



In 2016 I found a new appreciation for exercising! A friend of mine fixed up an old bike as my birthday gift. All summer I rode around Madison, they have great bike paths here! I tried new things like canoeing, participating in the World Naked Bike Ride (yes, people bike naked but I wore a swimsuit), hiked, ran a 5k and started to regularly go to the gym.


I’d also like to take this time to talk about how proud I am of my boyfriend Steven. After 5 years, he took the leap to quit his job which he was miserable at and started working third shift closer to our home so he can get done with school faster. He is going to be such a talented graphic designer and I can’t wait to see where his skills will take him. He also conquered his fear of public speaking this year by officiating his brother’s wedding. I love seeing his confidence grow and working hard towards his goals.

There are times when I get in a bummy mood thinking I spend too much time at work and not spending enough having fun and making memories, but moments like this helps. Take the time to look at old photos, talk to friends and family, there might be great memories that you forgot about. I can’t believe how much has happened in 2016 and I can only hope 2017 will be just as great if not, better!


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