About Me

Hi I’m Hannah! I’m 26 years old and live in Madison, WI . I enjoy trying new things, diy projects, pickling and traveling. I don’t eat meat and I live with my boyfriend who can’t eat dairy, so we have to get creative when it comes to meals. I have two adorable bunnies whom I love with all my heart and I’m trying to learn as much as I can about living life to the fullest.

Want to learn more? Here’s ten more elaborate facts about me!

1. My boyfriend Steven and I met back when I was in college. Even though we didn’t live by each other, we kept in contact and visited each other on weekends. Once I graduated I moved to Madison with him and his friend, Andy. Three years later we’re still going strong- laughing and making memories while we’re both figuring out our careers and personal goals.

2. My two bunnies are Ollie and Oscar are the center of attention at this home. I get a lot of strange faces when people find out I have house rabbits. Before you ask, yes rabbits can be litter trained and they act pretty much like cats. I love informing people about cage-free rabbits and I’m a huge advocate for Adopt Don’t Shop, so if you have any questions feel free to ask!

3. I wasn’t always a vegetarian. I was never a big meat eater (stopped eating red meat in high school) but it wasn’t until I found a sanctuary farm that I truly wanted to fully stop consuming meat. My boyfriend is lactose intolerant so we get creative in this house which is fun! We both love to cook and try new things, I’m excited to share recipes ranging from vegan, vegetarian, dairy free and some recipes with meat that Steven makes for parties.

4. I went to school for journalism with a visual emphasis. After graduating I got hired as a photographer for a daily newspaper. In 2015 I took a leap in my career and am now doing marketing and communications for a non profit. As much as I miss spending my days outdoors with my camera, I now love knowing I’m part of a team that’s making a difference in the community.

5. My sister, best friend and I have a deep deep love for Harry Potter.Harry Potter What can I say, I grew up with the characters. In fact, my best friend and I have a tattoo dedicated to the series.

6. In college I was a barista at a local coffee shop where I grew a love for iced coffee and live shows. No matter how cold it is outside, remember I live in Wisconsin, I’d take an iced coffee over hot coffee any day. Luckily the coffee shop by my house doesn’t believe iced coffee has an off season.

7. One of my favorite things to do is travel and I wish I could do more of it. Put me in a car for 15 hours and you’ll see me smiling the whole way. There is just something about the freedom, the unknown and new adventures that excites me. Not to mention the interesting people you meet on the way! I could share a good story or two about my experiences with Airbnb and Uber.

8. I started this blog because this is what I find enjoyable on my “downtime”. I genuinely love everything about blogging: Photographing, writing content, making things, meeting people with the same interests..all of it!  I’m one of those people that always say they wish they could just have one day off, but when I do I realize I can’t just sit still. That’s just who I am!

9. When you think of Wisconsin you probably picture beer, cheese, nature and the Packers. Well I’m a true Wisconsin gal because I love all four of them.

10. I’ve had a love for thrift shopping ever since I was a little girl waking up early to go rummaging with my mom. I have a collection of old cameras I’ve found after many years of searching dusty garages and shelves and thrift stores.